What is SEO?

The sole purpose of search engine optimisation is to enable a website to gain high rankings in all the major search engines whose activities account for around 95% of all Internet traffic, and where the implementation of search engine optimisation is carried out by experienced professionals, could result in a massive increase in targeted visitors to the website in question. The basic objective of the optimisation is to get a website placed as near to the top as possible on the first page of results in any search engine for your important keyword phrases, as even jumping a few places up the list in the rankings could produce a surprising increase in the number of visitors to that site.

If you have a product or service to promote or sell, search engine optimisation is an absolute necessity as having your website designed without it will confine it to the bowels of the search engines were the only visitor you are likely to get is yourself checking to see if the site is still there!

If, however, your website is intended purely as a presence on the internet – i.e. one that you’re not particularly keen for anyone to find through a search engine – and not for promotional or marketing purposes, optimisation is a rather unnecessary addition to the initial website design process.
The most effective way to begin a quest for high rankings is to incorporate search engine optimisation into the design of the website at the time of development.

Having your website designed and optimisation implemented from the very beginning could save you a lot of money in the long run, and time, as the maturity of a website is proof of its popularity and staying power and a crucial factor when it comes to building confidence in the search engines. Unfortunately, many website design companies know little or nothing about optimising websites despite assurances that they do.

The search engine optimisation process starts with us learning all about the product or service you wish to market. This includes researching your competition, as most businesses on the Internet are up against thousands of other sites competing in the same marketing arena. We then establish the important keyword phrases to be used – i.e. phrases people are likely to use when searching for your product or service – and our professional copywriters incorporate them into the original text content of your site. This, along with other search engine optimisation techniques like targeted content copywriting and link building, will ensure you achieve the rankings you need to be uppermost in the search engine results.