Importance of Recruitment

A challenge facing businesses today is having the right quantity and the right quality of people necessary to achieve the ever-increasing company targets. The ‘war for talent is critical to success and HR’s responsibility is at the absolute forefront.

HR is expected to provide the strategic framework that once implemented, will make some of the most significant contributions through the people employed by the business. Recent research supports these views finding HR faced with the following key questions:

  1. How can HR create the time to become more strategic?
  2. How will implementing employee ‘self-service’ really benefit the business?
  3. What are the most significant steps HR can take to improve the company’s recruitment and retention?

By adopting new technologies and ideas, HR can hire better-qualified, better-suited individuals who will be served better, retained longer and deliver more to the business.

How can recruitment affect staff retention?

Firstly, it is only one of the elements that can affect staff retention. It is however a critical element that can dictate the success of virtually every other idea you implement to improve your staff retention.

Recruiting the right people, with the right attitude and commitment will impact how your customers are served.